For critical situations 

Radio communication

Wireless communication, analoge and digital professional radio systems, portable and mobile Motorola terminals, TETRA, Scada and MOTOTRBO systems.

Special vehicles

Uniquie vehicles built for special purposes and independent operation, integrated electro-optical systems, mobile command centers, surveillance vehicles and more.

Optical solutions

Night vision, thermal imaging, integrated electro-optical systems and laser range finders, AI, video analytics, special equipment for covert or long range operations.


The system offers protection for the population living and working around these dangerous factories.

More than...


Radio systems installed

We have more than 200 analog and digital radio systems installed around the country. Among others our systems ensure the seamless operation of the Liszt Ferenc International Airport.


Years of experience

Our experience of a quarter of a century is put to use every day on the  field by our customers.


Optical system

Mobile command centers, surveillance vehicles or complex electro-optical solution. Our systems are tailored according to the individual needs of our customers.

...a partner

Thanks to our undeterred devotion to quality in the past 25 years we are proud to have several government organizations and hungarian as well as international companies among our customers. Among others we are active in the energy, transportation and processing industries.

Comprehensive service

We offer comprehensive security and communication solutions for analog or digital data and voice communications. Our unique optical systems and solutions are based on these stable wireless or wired technologies.

Government customers

Fercom Systems is a trusted partner of the Hungarian National Police, the National Tax- and Customs Authority, the Ministry of Defense and the National Disaster Management Direcotrate for more than 20 years.

Public Early Warning System

The Public Early Warning System with a radius of 30km in place around the Paks Nuclear Power Plant was designed, installed and maintained by Fercom Systems,

Industrial and civilian systems

Bseide our products and solutions designed for government organizations we offer a wide range for industrial and civilian use as well. Our customers include most of the  large enterprises operating in Hungary.


As a company operating for more than 25 years we consider costumer satisfaction and the long term usability of our installed systems as our highest priority.

Motorola Platinum Partner

We are distributors and technology partners of Motorola professional systems and products for over 25 years.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

For decades Fercom Systems maintains an ISO Quality Control system. We are annually audited by TÜV.

Qualified NATO supplier

Thanks to our policy for high quality and operational control Fercom Systems is a qualified NATO Supplier. 

AQAP certificate

Fercom Systems operates according the standards developed by the Stadardization Institute of NATO (STANAG)

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