Wireless Broadband
Only Motorola has the world-class expertise to provide a complete wireless broadband ecosystem that can meet your most aggressive reach, speed and coverage goals quickly and easily. At Motorola, our indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity solutions are all about giving you opportunities. And helping you take advantage of those opportunities to create differentiation,competitive edge and enhanced revenues.

The Motorola portfolio of wireless network solutions provides a wealth of opportunities. These include the ability to reach and connect people wherever they live or work and to deliver information—data, video and voice—at high speeds in real time. They also include providing reliable broadband coverage under virtually any conditions, such as low-, medium- or high-density environments; open, obstructed and even non-line-of-sight situations; and indoor, perimeter and outdoor locations. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to offer high-value, high-speed mobile connectivity services. And, customers can now leverage Motorola’s extensive wireless expertise through the One Point Wireless Suite, a powerful set of software solutions that help design, deploy and manage wireless networks.

wi4 WiMAX solutions
offer high performance, standards-based broadband access that operates in licensed frequencies. wi4 WiMAX solutions provide on-demand high-speed connectivity that follows the user everywhere: indoors, outdoors and on the move.

Point-to-Point solutions
consist of cost-effective high-throughput wireless Ethernet bridges and extensions that transmit data with maximum reliability even under the harshest conditions and in non-line-of-sight situations.

Point-to-Multipoint solutions deliver proven, scalable and interference-resistant connectivity to multiple business, institutional, municipal or residential locations.

Mesh solutions
provide cost-effective citywide and enterprise-wide wireless broadband connectivity and access. Motorola mesh networks offer broad-area high-speed fixed and mobile coverage, even in tough environments like ports and mining. They also help municipalities provide highspeed wireless connectivity that enables universal public access, more robust public safety systems and increased public works productivity.

Wireless LA N solutions
offer resiliency, security and performance equal to that of a wired LAN while delivering the mobility, flexibility and costeffectiveness of wireless. Indoor and outdoor meshed access points enable a cable-less installation that substantially reduces network deployment and maintenance costs and ensures network availability in every corner of the enterprise.