Two-Way Radios
Fercom Ltd has been dealing with radiosystems from the beginning. Within this can be found the traditional conventional, the trunked systems what are the very top of radio communicating, and these digital versions, the TETRA and DMR standard based MotoTRBO. Applying these solutions enables economic, and efficient frequency-management. A large number of user groups can be served separately with flexible, and tailor-made solutions.

In the 20th century thanks to the digital evolving Motorola has developed the MotoTRBO product line what ensure the advantages of newest digital technology. All those who do not need the high level Tetra services, but also do not want to be out of „digital present”, will find expedient in MotoTRBO.

The elements belongs to the radiosystem infrastructure has been developed for long term. So both in quality and reliability meets the highest standards. Nothing can prove this better than between our partner can be found some high priorited state, and private customers.

The size and the range of the systems could be vary within wide limits. From the local few chanel configuration to the full nationwide coverage everything can be achieved, adapting to emerging needs.

We offer complete system managing from the design through the installation, construction, operation over the maintenance, repair, even the staff’s education.
In our mother country many systems installed by us working both in security, industrial even in public usage, which are proving they reliabilitiy and efficiency in practice. We have been operating our owned shared trunked radiosystem in Budapest (Smartcom Nonprofit Ltd.), what provide full coverage in the city area and the urban field for those whom like to use the provided services by it, but they do not want to invest into an expensive infrastructure. We can provide free test for those who would like to try our radiosystems in practice.