Industrial Security and Warning Systems
Industrial accidents can occur at any moment. It is imperative that your plant have the necessary means to notify a large number of people at a moment’s notice. Through partnerships with several of the industry’s leading manufacturers, Fercom Ltd can provide that solution to you.

Tone Alert radios manufactured by Motorola can be a great method of notification to those indoors and can even be implemented to control strobes in high noise areas if required. These units can seamlessly integrate with the rest of your Fercom-Motorola system for a single point of activation.

In the event that indoor notification is required, Fercom Ltd manufactures the IPS (Industrial Plant System) which is utilized to power speakers independently or to interface into an existing paging system to override that system for emergency notification. Additionally, strobes can be controlled by this system for high noise areas. This system can be seamlessly integrated and controlled with the outdoor warning systems for outdoor voice notification.

Fercom can also provide instant notification. This multimedia notification system can contact all of your necessary personnel thru a variety of different methods including landline telephone, cell phone, SMS text and email. The flexibility offered by Fercom offers you a system that can be used for any type of emergency or non emergency situation.

Hungarian Public Early Warning System

In the recent past as well as in these days the claim for the appropriate, fast warning in case of residental emergency (nature-, industrial disaster) has been significantly risen. The topmost criteria of such a system like that is the extremely high (near by 100%) availability, the right handling of alarming authority, the separated alarm sectors and the rugged construction (at least 50 years) of the system components. Fercom Ltd has been engaged in design, install, recontruction, repair and operate public alarm-, and warning systems for more than 10 years. During long time like that, our professionals has gained lots of experience, which have been feedbacked continually to the development. For now we have succesfully created the system what is going to be suitable for the expectations of the next years. Fercom Ltd’s public warning-, and alarm systems have 4 main parts:

- Central unit
- Communication media
- Remote unit control unit
- Siren unit
Introduction of the central unit

The central unit is a normal PC which can get in public commerce, what installed by the suitable application. With this application the operator can provide a simple, but particular surveillance through the installed device speakers at the townships. The activating of the remote unit speakers happen by this central unit as well. The charter and the text messages show univoque picture from the central application. The system provide the possibility for transmit both stored speech from the central unit, stored speech from the remote unit, stored signals from the remote unit as well as live speech transmit. The application enables to select and activate the units one by one, or any optional section.

Thanks to the right develop of the central application its capable to analyse the operability, and the availability of the communication media. In case of any kind of functional failure the application send a warning message for the operator.
Introduction of the communication media

The link between the central unit and the RTU is created by the communication media (hencefort CM). The type of this CM in our proferred systems is always suit to the requirements of the very/current/ application. Without the pretension of fullness the Fercom would like to introduce some solutions adapted in widespread. In these days the using of digital media is coming to the front. Of course our proffered systems provide the ablility for this as well, but the most trustable, simple solution what significantly reduce the installing, and operating cost is the lot proven conventional radio system. That system has a digital version which ensure the same simple communication, but in the digital world. In these days the IP based data communication usage is being increased caused by the reliability and high bandwidth. The IP based data communication available both in wired and wireless technology. In the selecting of CM you have to consider it’s distinctivenesses. In some cases there is a possibility for use GPRS based technology or can be managed through other trunked radiosystem. In special cases it can be use for satellite, or microwave data transmission. In those cases where the wired system build is possible, than many more different way offer itself for create the connection. For example without the pretension of fullness:

- RS232
- RS485
- Ethernet
- Telefon modem (Dial-up) – also on leased line
- Optical network

The introduction of MOSCAD ACE RTU used both central and remote unit control

The Motorola is present on the SCADA market for more than 30 years. Use up their huge amount of experience on radio communication they developed such a great reliable system which maximalize the advanteges given by wireless communication. What emphasize the MOSCAD system of the other companies similiar products is the optimized data protocol for radio communication MDLC (Motorola Data Link Communication).

The MDLC is an extraordinarily advanced protocoll for transmitting all type/kind of data on the network. The protocoll has been developed by the Motorola based on OSI modell (Open System Interface) recommendated by the ISO (International Standard Office). The MDLC protocoll support the 7 level OSI modell, what adaptated for the SCADA systems. While other protocols (for ex.: HDLC, Modbus) usually support only the first 2 levels of the OSI standard, the MDLC has been developed especially for radio applications, which enables to transmit huge volume of data between the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and the central unit using advanced packet tranmission technology. Through the fexible date frame, in the MDLC protocoll the receiver side ask the resending the missing or false frames only. This reduce the air time to the minimum, because it doesn’t repeat the correct frames.

The introduction of Remote Unit Control

One main part of the system is the speaker (siren) RTU has been installed at endangered townships, what provide information for the citizen about any haphazardly happened emergency, and the given out arrangements/actions caused by that emergency. The installed speakers in proper number and power at the townships provide immediate information for the citizens or all the plantworkers. They are get public adress about the evolved emergency, as well as the cessation of the emergency. The RTUs include the 4 alarm signals use in Hungary. (disaster, air-raid, emergency over, test-run). Of course the speakers RTUs provide the possibility to store other signals or speeches from any countries. The installed RTUs could be activated not only from the center unit, but the well trained personell is able to give out alarm signal at the spot, or with the included microphone they can broadcast local live speech.

Advanteges: The aluminium horn, low power usage, energy efficent, live speech broadcast, or digital voice storage, can be fully programmed, reliable and long lifetime, local, or central managing, definiated signals by user, selftest routine, security regulations (false alarm, handling, sabotage), variant managing options.

Main advantages of Fercom Ltd. of Siren Systems:

- continuous development and an experience feedback

- RPS siren can adapt to the customer's requirements
  (e.g. local menu and menu languages, communication protocol etc.)

- the capacity of the voice storage memory can expand with wide range (more then one hour)

- communication variety

- easy installation
  (light weight even so robust aluminium horns, electronic and battery in the same box)

- amplifier and driver redundancy

- modular architecture, easy expansion and repairing

- low standby current, up to 2 week standby time

- free calibration/service software (configure, testing, upload audio files, etc.)

- CPU card based on ATMEL processor

- remote firmware update and remote configuration opportunity

- many protection in the siren (e.g. battery, over voltage, temperature etc.)

- external audio inputs opportunity (2 pieces), you can gain the signal level by configuration software

- external measuring instruments and executive modules connection opportunity

- SCADA software can adapt to the customer's requirements

- it can integrate any exist system, it can adapt many protocol (user protocol)

- intelligent battery charger (passive PFC, switchable input voltage 115V/230V, over voltage protection, short circuit protection,  polarity change protection)

- battery protection circuit (over charge/discharge protection

- dual tone signals

- very intelligent wide range silent test on the spot

- PIN code protection in local menu

- sabotage protection

- 3 level siren ID for siren control option

- 2 pieces RS232 port

- general proposes digital inputs and outputs opportunities

- modular architecture horns up to 3000W, real omnidirection characteristic