Globar Market
Utilize our experience got in Hungary we have opened for trading beyond our borders. Foremost we have satiated the demand of agencies with Motorola products who stationed in our country like KFOR and SFOR, after that we have realized our supplies with international funds’ funding – PHARE, SCHENGEN. In domestic market we have entered into several contracts both for simple transit and build complex systems.

Fercom’s first significant external trade experience was supply and delivery of  measuring and testing tools to NATO SHAPE Belgium. Parallel with this we won several tenders with European Community External Aid like PHARE, TACIS, OBNOVA, CARDS. We exported Motorola two-way radios with accessories, communicaton tools, Federal Signal lightbars to Romania, Moldova, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The most complex, and complicated project was design, delivery and installation of flood monitoring and data transmission, communication, computing, hydrometric and transport equipment for Ukraine State Water Management Committee and Civil Defence of Ukraine.

Fercom Ltd. has met UN’s standards since 2009, when we delivered communication tools for UNDP Tajikistan. Since then, we completed two orders of UNAMI and delivered information-technology tools, parts, and optical cables to Kuwait.