About Us

Fercom Ltd is the exclusive authorized distributor of Motorola radios and trunked radio systems in Hungary. Our core business is wireless analogue and digital communication. As such we are the trusted partner of the Hungarian government and governmental organization for more than 15 years. The different parts of the police, military, customs and private organizations, use our radios and systems countrywide on a daily basis. We operate our own trunked radio system at several locations around Hungary. We are long-term suppliers to the biggest players in the Hungarian business community as well. Among our main partners are utility, manufacturing and transportation companies.

Beside our core business, wireless communication, we are offering special security, military and law enforcement products to the different governmental and civil organizations.

Fercom Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 certified and a qualified NATO supplier.

„Quality means the world to us”

Seresné Farkas Júlia
  Managing Director